Marion Cotillard’s highest paid actress of French actors

Our lovely and talented Marion Cotillard, just arrived at the top ranking “Figaro” for the highest paid players in 2010.
All this is not surprising, given the success it has to take with “Les Petits Mouchoirs” and “Inception” lately …
It is even foreign actress in Hollywood’s highest paid with the English woman Kate Winslet.

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Marion Cotillard in “The Dark Knight Rises” ?

After “Inception, ” it seems that Marion Cotillard involved again, the cast of Christopher Nolan’s new film “The Dark Knight Rises” (Batman 3).
Indeed we are not yet sure of the exact information, but Christopher Nolan it’ll have booked a role in his new film … Marion Cotillard will then join Christian Bale, who, remember, appeared in “Public Enemies” with him. But he also already played the superhero in the previous two parts of the series “Batman. ” It is not known yet what role will our frenchie adored, although some sources suggest roles already …
In mid-June, near London, that Marion Cotillard will begin filming. Released worldwide in July 2012.
Suspense, suspense …
To be continued …

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“Soft Dream” by Cotillardaddict

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Midnight in Paris By Woody Allen at 64th edition of the Cannes Film Festival !

Midnight in Paris, the film has turned the New York filmmaker in the French capital last summer, is indeed the film chosen by the festival management to the opening of this 64th edition, which will be chaired by Robert de Niro, May 11, 2011. It will be released the same day in all French cinemas.

Marion Cotillard, Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and more…

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Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet: expectant parents!


Yes, it’s official Marion expecting a happy event! A rumor circulating since about a month after the onset of Marion Festival of Marrakech. Journalists mentioned the possibility that Marion is pregnant, and this rumor just been confirmed!
The baby is scheduled for next spring, in May. The news is already present on many news sites …
Marion Cotillard could therefore not participate in the filming of “Cosmopolis”.

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BAFTA 2011



Marion is named for the role of Mal Cobb in the movie “Inception” at BAFTA.


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“Cosmopolis” movie news

According to some sources on the web, Robert Pattinson would join the cast of the movie, “Cosmopolis”by David Cronenberg. It will replace Colin Farrell for the lead role in the film. Marion participation is not confirmed yet. But we know she’ll play the wife of the hero played by Robert Pattinson …


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