Fan Project

Hello everyone,
We are in 2011, so again happy new year! But today if I created this topic is for you to help me make a monstrous project you all fans of Marion Cotillard! This project directly addresses Marion Cotillard … Come as many as possible!


Objective: a fan made video filming every fan is leaving a message to Marion in writing (on paper or other …), the key is to create something original! ^ ^ ‘

> Once your finished video send it to this email address: (my email address)!
CAUTION: Make sure the video is mp4 format or another, but not a video that takes a lot of memory!

Project schedule:

> First, if you want to participate in this project send me a message to my email address ( stating your name (not only need the name) and your country of origin (eg FRANCE). I also ask you to explain your motivation, to make sure that you will not abandon the project.

> Realization of your mini movie, (you can spend several times if you wish, up to three times) FOR ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE REALIZATION OF YOUR MINI FILM CONTACT ME (

> Submit your film or your Mini (s) email address:

> I validate your video answering you.

> I create the final cut and I publish on You Tube and certainly on my blog pages and Marion Cotillard on Facebook.

Thank you in advance!

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