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Hello everyone,
We are in 2011, so again happy new year! But today if I created this topic is for you to help me make a monstrous project you all fans of Marion Cotillard! This project directly addresses Marion Cotillard … Come as many as possible!


Objective: a fan made video filming every fan is leaving a message to Marion in writing (on paper or other …), the key is to create something original! ^ ^ ‘

> Once your finished video send it to this email address: (my email address)!
CAUTION: Make sure the video is mp4 format or another, but not a video that takes a lot of memory!

Project schedule:

> First, if you want to participate in this project send me a message to my email address ( stating your name (not only need the name) and your country of origin (eg FRANCE). I also ask you to explain your motivation, to make sure that you will not abandon the project.

> Realization of your mini movie, (you can spend several times if you wish, up to three times) FOR ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE REALIZATION OF YOUR MINI FILM CONTACT ME (

> Submit your film or your Mini (s) email address:

> I validate your video answering you.

> I create the final cut and I publish on You Tube and certainly on my blog pages and Marion Cotillard on Facebook.

Thank you in advance!

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Top 10 of 2010: Marion Cotillard for “Funny or Die”

This false advertising, which plays Marion Cotillard is ranked among the top 10 videos of 2010 stars that you have the most laughs.
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Florence Foresti parody Marion Cotillard!

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MarionCotillardaddict present “Simone and Marion” for you, fans of Marion Cotillard !


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If you missed it…

Marion Magician

We left Marion Cotillard mysterious in Shanghai, before the camera by David Lynch, we find a glamorous cabaret scene in London, ahead of John Cameron Mitchell. Named Lady Grey, the fourth installment in the campaign for the bag “Lady Dior” and calls the glittery world saturated by American director. It rediscovers not without a certain pleasure in visual excess as we had enjoyed in his musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch. ” This time, no words but a soundtrack tonic, and these characters always flirting with some rock extravaganza. Stronger than Harry Potter, Marion magician gives hope and strength through a striptease panting, an old dandy chic half-paralyzed. And reveals a young painter’s artistic talent. Before you go dancing in the London Eye …
Where, when, how shall find us?
Dior signed a mystery.

Grazia Number 11 to 16 December

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Marion Cotillard’s acceptance speech for La Vie en rose (2007)

IntlPressAcademy to publish this video on December 17, 2010

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Follow MarionCotillardAddict on Tumblr !

Now you can follow MarionCotillardaddict on Tumblr ! Enjoy !

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