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It was during a trip to the West Coast of the United States at the Mexican border,
Maxim Nucci creates a clone, “Yodelice” to confront the scene.
He composed the album “Tree of Life” by which he quickly became known and
won the favor of a unanimous public. Moving between bittersweet ballads
melancholic lullabies and the darker tones, Maxim Nucci, in his
tailored suit, seems to have found his way to his world, or rather
daydreaming and fantastic dreams. Yodelice, which links more than 100 dates this
season, earned a gold record and a Victoire de la musique.

Marion Cotillard to join the group under the name: Simone.

Yodelice is currently on tour.
Book your tickets for the Olympia:

Yodelice at Olympia March 22, 2011





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